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Crashing the Dumbo Arts Festival

29 Sep

Yesterday we met at the cube in the park near the Manhattan Bridge piling and danced solo, with bystanders, with each other, and eventually developed an audience. This happened in the midst of the dumbo Arts Festival so the place was busy with streaming crowds. (Off topic tangent: I was a part of the first dAF during which our max crowd was probably about 20.)

My favorite moments were those split seconds when the light visibly changed in peoples’ eyes as they realized that something out of the ordinary was happening around them. I feel we accomplished a desirable balance between creating wonder and antagonizing unwilling participants. It was fun to find that line and walk it, but as Rebeca said, it challenged all the improvising muscles we have developed.

Thank you, gang, for being willing to go out without knowing how it would play out.

So what’s next? GC? Times Square? Could we train people in it? What should we call it? To me it is ‘reality hacking.’