Open Rehearsal April 2013

24 Apr

February Antititled trio

29 April, 7:30pm
Ran Tea House—269 Kent Ave between S1st and S2nd Streets

Come join us for our monthly open rehearsal to see a presentation of our ongoing research, combining space, motion, and sound. We want to hear what you feel and see and think. The tea house is spacious and the bar is open, serving beer and tea.

Free entrance, cheap drinks (something like $4?), and good people. Though we will accept donations if you want to help us keep a good thing going!

Renee Benson, Rebecca Bone, Ali Fischer, Ayaka Habata, Kristin Hatleberg, Elise Knudson, Guang Lei, Rebeca Medina, Ophra Wolf, Mei Yamanaka

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